The goal – every single day – is to write something special and great but also commercial and current.  This is the music business.  It is our job to sell our songs, to have artists – ourselves or other people – record them, not to have them sit in our computers gathering digital dust.


I have been a professional songwriter and performer for more than 30 years.  I have numerous Academy Award, Grammy and Golden Globe nominations and hit songs under my belt.  I know what it takes to write songs that not only move people but also move up the charts.


If you need songs, I have them, in all different genres:  rock, pop, r&b, rap, classical, country, etc.   If you need help with your songwriting, I will provide it in all areas:  generating and developing ideas, lyrics, music, the difference between writing for yourself as an artist and writing for someone else, what makes a great lyric and melody and how to make collaborations work.  I will show how you to avoid the common pitfalls of young and even established writers, such as lyrical cliches and “old” chord structures, and how to be ready when – as often happens – you are called upon to make changes to your music quickly, even in the studio while a song is being recorded.  And always, we will keep our eyes on the ball of writing something that is not only great but also contemporary and commercial.


Remember – your family may hear your new song and say “we love it”.  But standing out from all the other people whose families also love their songs is a whole different story.  That’s where I can and want to help.