Once you have written the great and commercial song, then what?  The next step, of course, is to record it as either a demo or a record.  The song is only as good as its presentation – that is what people hear, and it has to be smoking.  The arrangements, the vocals, the performances, the engineering and production quality – all have to work beautifully together to communicate your vision of your special song, and to scream “It’s a hit!!!”


That is where I come in.  I have worked with David Foster in the studio, produced Ray Charles, done countless sessions with singers ranging from Whitney to Leann Rimes to Kimberley Locke to…Joey Lawrence!  My two main goals in the studio are always 1)to make an artist sound as good as he or she can sound – and to be as much of an artist as he or she can be;  and 2)to make the song sound as great as it can possibly sound.


I have a full-service professional recording studio in Los Angeles.  It’s open, airy and comfortable, not dark, gray and depressing like so many “serious” recording studios.  I program and play various instruments, and if I don’t play them, I have access to the best musicians in the world.  I arrange, engineer and produce, with a special emphasis on making vocals as beautiful and emotional as possible.  I can do anything and everything from the most simple piano/vocal demo to the most elaborate full orchestral production, in any and all musical genres:  rock, pop, r&b, rap, classical, country, etc.


Let me help you make your music sounds as great as it possibly can!