It’s Called The Music Business

We all get into songwriting for many different reasons, but certainly a big one is that we don’t want to be “businessmen” and “businesswomen”. We want to be “artists”! We don’t want to sell widgets for a living – we want to make music!!

Turns out the joke is on us. Guess what? You can write the greatest song in the history of pop music – “Imagine”, “Yesterday” and “Smells Like Teen Spirit” rolled into one – and it will be the greatest song no one has ever heard, unless you can DO BUSINESS. Someone has to man the phones, bang on the doors at record companies, email the managers and producers, work the schmooze circuit at music business events. Someone has to get your songs and your name out there. And, unless and until you are established and lucky enough to find someone who can do it really well on your behalf, that someone is going to have to be you!

So of course, write and write and write. But make sure you also make some time to learn about the business side of music. Otherwise no one but you and your family is ever going to be humming those great songs you’re slaving over until 4 in the morning!!